Real estate

The real estate business is currently undergoing considerable changes in Germany, and especially in Berlin. Government properties are being privatised, companies are giving up properties not needed for their businesses, and there is a steadily increasing number of international investors who make their investment decisions in favour of the German property market.

With our many years of experience, we offer real estate companies of all legal forms comprehensive tax advice. Besides preparing the annual financial statements and tax returns, in collaboration with our partner KSG AUDIT Wirtschaftprüfungsgesellschaft, auditing firm, our expertise also includes auditing them in accordance with national and international accounting regulations.

Furthermore, we provide support for closed-ended real estate investment funds, both within Germany and abroad. We assist with tax planning, arranging property investments and optimising real estate portfolios in regard to any acquisition and exit framework. We ascertain the fiscal value of your properties, calculate any speculative gains, provide a preview of the fiscal repercussions of major repairs or structural refurbishment, for example, and advise you on complex matters regarding property transfer tax.


We are service providers ourselves, and, for that reason, it is very relevant for us to provide competent fiscal support to service providers and members of the freelance professions, such as architects, lawyers or management consultants.

Freelancers in particular sometimes have special opportunities for tax planning, and knowing them and making full use of them can contribute considerably towards the financial leeway that they have. We assist you in all areas of your professional work, find the fiscal solutions that are best suited to your requirements, and, in this way, sustainably secure your economic success.


Due to many years’ experience, we have a broad understanding of the corporate models of the media industry – our clients include classic advertising agencies, as well as design offices, publishing houses and lobby companies.

We offer you support, from various different angles, with national and international tax advice, and advise you on how to handle intangible assets, such as film rights and licence agreements, on the balance sheet, from a fiscal perspective.

We assist you in successfully mastering present and future challenges posed to your media company.


Members of the healthcare professions are often under a great deal of stress due to their professional tasks. The time is therefore often not available for them to clarify fiscal matters and optimise tax planning. Whether it is medical practices or hospitals, or anything in between, in the field of healthcare we offer a comprehensive payroll accounting service, right from the book-keeping up to preparing the annual financial statements and tax return.

Besides giving tax advice, we also competently assist you in matters such as establishing a local practice or financing the purchase of the practice, and assist you with business matters right up to the time that you give up the practice. We will be pleased to explain to you, at a personal meeting, how we can advise and assist you.

Private assets

Anyone who has created assets in the course of his or her working life wants to retain them for himself or herself and for his or her family.

In that respect, we help you to make optimum use of all the leeway in regard to the latter afforded to you by tax law. Besides preparing the tax return, we also advise you in all fiscal dispute proceedings conducted before fiscal courts. Also in matters concerning endowment and inheritance tax law, when designing your will from a fiscal perspective, and when setting up foundations and in regard to corporate succession, we can provide you with the right support.

This means that you generate sufficient return on your capital and retain your assets across generations.

Non-profit-making companies

Non-profit-making companies are usually subject to special general conditions: The most efficient utilisation of the available funds possible, simultaneously deploying the leanest cost framework possible. The successful business management of such a company requires comprehensive fiscal and business know-how.

We are familiar with the complex framework of associations and foundations, ranging from culture to sports, and provide you with competent support – already beginning at the stage of providing advice on establishing the organisation.